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Directions for usage

We have 3 products available to purchase
1.Call recharge card 350, selling price 268ntd
2.Internet 30 days 599, selling price 480ntd
3.Unlimited internet 360 days, selling price 2400ntd
1.Promotion availibility until: 2021-12-31.
2.Recharge card bonus call card promotion (include but not limited to purchase data limit) when usage period is over the remaining data is non-refundable.
3.Asia Pacific Telecom able to make changes and terminate ongoing promotion.
4.Value stored in this recharge card is deposited in a special bank account provided by Yangxin Commercial Bank, trus duration approximately one year. There will be separate notice if there's been change in partnering bank. Purchase and recharge instruction:
1.Log into your Facebook account, choose Recharge then input the number you wish to recharge.
2.Choose product combination type according to your needs.
3.Choose your payment method, attention: if choosing 7/11 payment to ask the cashier for barcode.
4.Barcode payment will show up on convenience store's system.
5.Please wait, system is in the process of recharging your phone number automatically.
6.If the recharge is failed, please go back to My Order to check the status and press Recharge again.

Recharge date Recharge method Order No. Handphone No. Recharge card Yes/No complete
there is no data to top up
waiting for the confirmation
select payment methods
payment via 7-11
Payment via famiy mart